MB Preauth


This module provides a basic pre-authentication scheme for your site. It provides a way to protect the standard user-registration page.

This is a special-purpose module which let a user authenticate with his Joomla user / password, but he will not be logged in to Joomla. In this way he can access the registration page and register new users.

This module let i.e managers authenticate themselves before registering users with the standard Joomla Registration page.

Ideal for business directories where you have employers that need to register their labors in the system.


1: Installer modulen fra administrator / backend.

1: Install the module from administrator / backend.

2: Aktiver og publiser modulen til ønsket posisjon.

2: Activate and publish the module to desired position(s).

3: Konfigurer parametere fra administrator / backend.

3: Configure parameters from administrator / backend.

4: Konfigurer hvor mange dager opplysninger skal huskes (standard: 30).

4: Configure the number of days too keep the credentials (default 30).


Modulen er GPL


05 okt 2010 - First version 1.0.0 is added to JED.

27 okt 2010 - First version 1.0.0 is submitted to JED.



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